DIY Books
DIY Books

I have become obsessed with Readers Digest Books. They are the best books ever to craft with and I do not feel bad repurposing them.

The very first book craft I did was the Christmas Tree book. What I did was go to what I thought was the middle of the book and grabbed a section on the pages to start folding. You will just fold at a diagonal and then cut off the bottom that hangs off the page to make it flush with the bottom of the book. You will just do this until you get the tree the thickness you desire. Then decorate to your liking and style.

Other ideas for you to try 🙂

  1. Shelf sitters for the holidays (see the 4th of July one above)
  2. Photo Albums -Write your story as you add pictures
  3. Recipe Books
  4. Tissue holder (this one cracked me up. See the above picture. Would be great sitting on your nightstand by your bed).

I would love to know how you plan on using the books and see what you come up with.

Happy Crafty!


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