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Month: February 2021

Cuteness Overload

One of my favorite things on our farm, is our goats! They bring so much happiness and are great therapy when you’re having a rough day! Dixie is the momma to these triplets! She is an amazing mom, even when the babies are jumping on her back! Meet the triplets, Dennis, Jolene, and Patsy!!

Abstract Carrot

This Spring I seem to be obsessed with carrots. They are just to darn cute and so fun to create. Thinking outside the box is fun. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, get ready for that happy dance haha! My next fun idea is so simple and so unbelievably easy to do and a great addition to a fireplace mantle.

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DIY Moss Carrot

This was a lot of fun to create. Crafting brings me such joy and helps so much with my anxiety. My favorite thing with this craft, was the weird looks I was getting from my daughter Lexi. She was looking at me like I lost my mind haha. Would you believe that I used a scrap piece of cardboard, a cookie sheet from Dollar Tree, moss and some scrap chicken wire I have here on the farm??!! Never be afraid to get creative with items you have laying around the house.

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