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Dinner Organizer DIY

Hey Hey Friends! I know you guys probably have one of these or something similar, but I didn’t lol. Dinnertime has become a struggle in our house. I have no clue what to feed this family of mine. I’ll go grocery shopping and think that I did a good job, to discover, yep we got nothing even after spending $200. Let’s not forget the complaints that may arise with what you made lol. SOOOOOOO, I had bought this chalkboard from Hobby Lobby when it was on clearance and just stuck it in my “surfaces” box for a rainy day project. It may not be raining, but the light bulb did go off…..Dinner Schedule. We all have to contribute at least one day a week to help give ideas for dinner. It is hung on the wall by the table. Anytime they wonder what we are having, it is there. No more MOM what’s for dinner lol. Rule now, is if you do not like what is on the menu, then you are responsible for making your dinner that night and no it can no be a bag of chips or candy bar haha.

Lets Get Started.

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Grapevine Tree

One of the crafters that I follow loves to leave her tree up year round and decorates it to the season. Actually, my daughter does too. After being in aw at Lexi’s tree and then seeing the love for trees the crafting page I follow has, I knew I needed to do something.

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Gnome me some luck 😊

I will be honest, Gnomes kinda scare the poo out of me. You know the ones with the eyes that always see to follow you everywhere. And not to mention, always bring me bad luck. Well, here is super cute Gnome that will not stare you down haha. Perfect to add to your Spring/Summer decor and then change out the hats if you wish for the different holidays.

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Abstract Carrot

This Spring I seem to be obsessed with carrots. They are just to darn cute and so fun to create. Thinking outside the box is fun. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, get ready for that happy dance haha! My next fun idea is so simple and so unbelievably easy to do and a great addition to a fireplace mantle.

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DIY Moss Carrot

This was a lot of fun to create. Crafting brings me such joy and helps so much with my anxiety. My favorite thing with this craft, was the weird looks I was getting from my daughter Lexi. She was looking at me like I lost my mind haha. Would you believe that I used a scrap piece of cardboard, a cookie sheet from Dollar Tree, moss and some scrap chicken wire I have here on the farm??!! Never be afraid to get creative with items you have laying around the house.

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