It may be Valentines Day and snowing here in Texas, but my mind is already thinking SPRING!!! What better way to get in the mood, then by making a carrot 🙂

Let’s  get started friends!!


  1. Orange Loop Yarn
  2. Cardstock
  3. Greenery
  4. Ryobi Cordless Glue Gun
  5. Scissors

Let the fun begin!

Next thing you will do, is take your cardstock and roll it into a cone shape.  This will be the outline of your carrot.   Once it was rolled and I glued the corner down, I cut it down just a little to the size that I wanted.

Next step is the super cute loopy yarn.  You can use any color that you want for this project.  I chose a solid orange this time.  You will glue the beginning of your yarn into the bottom of the carrot.  Once that is completed, you will work your way up to the top of the cone glueing every now and then.  

Once you have reached the top, glue your yarn down and snip off any extra.  Now it’s time to add the greenery.  I used some leftover greenery that I had on hand.  I think fern greenery would be pretty in this project as well.   You can add a messy bow to the top as well.  Your options are limitless.  Have fun and use your imagination.

I love using products that I have on hand. You could have used a styrofoam cone as well.  You can get those in almost every store out there.  Since the weather is yucky here in Texas, I used the next best thing I had on hand…..Cardstock haha!!   

I hope you have enjoyed this craft!  Crafting for me is a great way to relieve stress and the best therapy, especially for my anxiety.  Happy crafting friends!  Love, Misty with The Crafty Farmers.