This was a lot of fun to create. Crafting brings me such joy and helps so much with my anxiety. My favorite thing with this craft, was the weird looks I was getting from my daughter Lexi. She was looking at me like I lost my mind haha. Would you believe that I used a scrap piece of cardboard, a cookie sheet from Dollar Tree, moss and some scrap chicken wire I have here on the farm??!! Never be afraid to get creative with items you have laying around the house.

Materials Needed

  1.  Scrap Piece of cardboard
  2. Aluminum pan from Dollar Tree
  3. Moss 
  4. Glue gun
  5. Wire cutters
  6.  Chicken wire
  7. Decor for the top of your carrot – I got a lot of my decor from Dollar Tree (easter eggs, rafia, carrots, I made the bunnies on top from scrap pieces of fabric I had laying around, burlap, and made a flower out of buttons I got from Walmart).  Don’t be afraid to get creative with our top 🙂 

Lets get started Friends!

First thing that you should do, is take your scrap cardboard and cut out a triangle to make your carrot form. You will then trace that onto your aluminium cookie sheet. When you are cutting your carrot out of the aluminum, cut out about an inch from your line. That way you can bend the foil around on the cardboard and it makes a little pocket up at the top to stuff your decor in.

Once you have you shapes cut out, you will bend the foil around the cardboard. This way it makes your carrot a little more sturdy.

We have the start of our carrot, WOOT WOOT!! Let the messy fun begin 🙂 It’s moss time y’all! Grab your bag of moss and pull yourself out a handful. Next thing you will do is start putting some hot glue onto your aluminum carrot and sticking your moss on. You will continue to do this until you have filled up the entire front part of your carrot. Moss only goes on the front. Do not worry about the back of it.

As I mentioned above, you will continue this until you have filled up the entire thing. Next you will wrap the chicken wire around it and secure it in the back. You will now need your wire cutters for this part. I wrapped the wire all they way around it and secured it by taking the wire and securely wrapping it around each other on the back. You have now completed your carrot and are ready to decorate it to your liking.

Don’t be afraid to change things around. As you see in this first picture, I had made a cream color bunny, and then decided I wanted it a little more colorful. Found that fabric at the Dollar Tree in the crafters corner section. I sure hope you have enjoyed this craft and I have inspired you to get your crafting on 🙂