One of the crafters that I follow loves to leave her tree up year round and decorates it to the season. Actually, my daughter does too. After being in aw at Lexi’s tree and then seeing the love for trees the crafting page I follow has, I knew I needed to do something.

I didn’t want to leave my traditional tree up year round, so I decided to make a grapevine tree. They have grapevine wreaths, so why not try a tree. You don’t need a lot of supplies, but you will need to make sure to bring your patience haha. I did this while my kids were at school. Good thing too, cause a few naughty words may have come out of my mouth lol.

Grapevine Tree
Grapevine Tree

Materials List:

  1. Tomato Cage
  2. Grapevine-Either buy some grapevine wreaths or if you are lucky to have some vine on your property, then use that.
  3. Floral wire to secure your branches in place
  4. Wire cutters

I bought some grapevine wreaths from Hobby Lobby, but then decided why not try the vine I found on our property. So, as my husband was doing some clearing of the brush we have on our land, I started digging through the piles haha. Might not do that again, cause apparently there was a poison ivy vine in there too and yep, I am a mess now lol. That definitely was not going to stop me from making a couple of these. We have an outdoor fireplace and I though these would look gorgeous out there. Decorate for the holidays, seasons and just an everyday look.

You will want to make sure you do this outside. It can get messy. Here is a picture that I took. Unfortunately, I did not get a lot of pictures, cause lets just say that this tree and I had a love/hate relationship.

Lets get started with the directions. Y’all it really is simple to do, the vines just like to fight back sometimes haha.

The first thing that you will want to do, is take your grapevine and start wrapping it around the base of the tomato cage. Use your floral wire to secure it to the cage. Then you will just continue wrapping it around and securing it with wire as you go. This does not have to be perfect. If you still see the tomato cage, that’s okay. You can add more later to those areas.

That is really it you guys. Just continue wrapping and securing till you reach the top. Once you get there, take a step back and admire your work. This is where you make find some areas that need just a little more vine. Just take a piece big enough for that area and tuck it in there. You can use some more wire if you need to.

Grapevine tree
Grapevine tree

I just love love love this. I am looking forward to decorating this baby with you guys. I do need to make one more for the other side. My plan for that one, is to use the grapevine wreaths that I bought from Hobby Lobby. I am going to try soaking the wreaths in some water over night, to see if that will help with wrapping it.

Grapevine wreath
Grapevine tree

I hope you guys have enjoyed this craft and will give it a try. If you have any questions at all, you can message me anytime. I am looking forward to decorating my outdoor fireplace with you all! Happy Crafting!