This Spring I seem to be obsessed with carrots. They are just to darn cute and so fun to create. Thinking outside the box is fun. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, get ready for that happy dance haha! My next fun idea is so simple and so unbelievably easy to do and a great addition to a fireplace mantle.

Are you excited? I love the simplicity of this piece and I can change it out with the seasons.

Materials Needed:

  1. Vase
  2. Orange fat quarter
  3. Greenery of your choice. I used ferns
  4. Glue gun ( Ryobi is my glue gun of choice. LOVE IT)
  5. Ribbon (not necessary at all, I just used a piece of burlap and made a simple messy flower to add to mine. Again this is completely optional).

Let’s get crafting, woot woot! Take your fabric and lay it out flat. Then you will take your vase and lay it flat on the fabric with the bottom on the vase and the end of your fabric.

Add a little hot glue to the fabric to get yourself started.

As you start wrapping your fabric around the vase, make sure you pull it tight as you go. You can add a little glue too if you want, but not necessary. Continue this process until you have wrapped the entire vase.

Now, you will have extra fabric left over at the top of your vase. I just took the extra and tucked it down into the vase. Then I arranged the ferns in there how I wanted and then put the little bow around it for a little extra something something 🙂

Easy peasy you guys! So simple, so cute, you gotta give it a try.

Happy Crafting!!