I have fallen in love with making things out of jute rope. This has to be one of my favorite Spring items to create so far. Heck, everything is my favorite! Check out what you can do to this plastic egg shaped like a bunny from the Dollar Tree!

Are you intrigued with what we are gonna do? You will not be disappointed and you can put your own spin on this too!

Materials Needed

  1. Dollar Tree Plastic Bunny Egg
  2. Jute Rope 12mm 3 ply
  3. Glue Gun (Ryobi is the best…You need one…No cords)
  4. Embellishments of your choice

Lets get started. You will start with putting a little glue on the bottom of your bunny and stick the end of the rope on there. You will continue to wrap and glue as you go.

Isn’t he/she looking extra cute and we are not even finished. Just keep wrapping and gluing until you get to the top.

Easter Bunny
Jute Rope Easter Bunny

Now guess what? Time to decorate it or you can stop here! I debated stopping, but my kiddos wanted more added. They asked, I obliged!

Jute Rope Bunny
Jute Rope Bunny

She is so adorable. My plan was to stop here. I thought she was perfect, but the kids wanted a face. Okay, here is what we came up with.

Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny

She is complete. Nothing else was going on her haha! Be creative and put your own uniqueness into it. This was definitely for my kids. I probably would have stopped at the picture above this one. She did turn out so cute and will be a great addition to my Spring mantle. Happy Crafting my Friends!! Hope you are feeling inspired!